Collection: 1 Piece Full Length Nida Jilbab Thumbhole sleeves

Our 1 Piece Full Length  Nida Jilbab with thumbhole sleeves.

  • Quality Nida Fabric 
  • Lightweight and Breathable.
  • Thumbhole Sleeves 



 Our beautiful 1Piece Full Length Nida Jilbab in this elegant Emerald Green colour with theses stretchy thumbhole sleeve that are wudu friendly.

This style of 1 Piece Full Length Nida Jilbab is such a convenient piece for any Muslimah as its so quick and easy to put on for salah or answer the door.

The cut of this  Full Length jilbab is extra wide on the main body for that extra coverage. The thumbhole sleeves are a unique feature and gives extra coverage on your hands.

We have this available in different size to suit everyone's height so please check our size chart if your unsure