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Menses during Ramadan

As salaam Alaykum Ramadan Mubarak sisters May Allah Give you all a blessed Ramadan and answer your Duas .

This maybe a Biggy during this holy month of Ramadan. The time of the month some sister may feel gutted and feel like their missing out but their are plenty of ways we can still get closer to Allah.

As Muslims all over the world starting getting busy with Praying reading the Quran , its a perfect time to strengthen their Iman.

Most Muslim women will start their menses at some point through the month while fasting and praying are out of the question their is so much more things you can do to boost your closeness to Allah.

1, Recite more Duas and keeping to remembrance of Allah on your tongue, the beauty of duas is the you can recite them anywhere and time which means even when your on your menses.

2. When you wake up  say:   Alhamdu lilaahil-lathee 'ahyaanaa ba'da maa 'amaatanaa wa'ilayhin-nushoor.

"Praise is to Allah who gives us life after He has caused us to die and to Him is the return." (Bukhari)

3. Recite Surah Al-Ikhlas Surah Al-Falaq and Surah Al-Nas three times each more and evening.

4. Increase acts of Charity small and often is better 

5. Listen to Quran Recitations 


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