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How came about . came about because of my mum .
I reverted to islam in 2013 Alhamduilah Wouldn't change for anything .
Slowly slowly over the years I covered more and more modestly up to the point now where I fully cover in jilbab and niqab when leaving the house .
But I'm not going to lie for my mum and dad it's been a real struggle .
I grow up in a strict Catholic family from my dad's Irish side .
My mum has never belivied in God at all.
I think my dad could understand abit better with the modesty dress code as he always said about virgin maryam that she was always covered .
But my mum couldn't deal with it and the fact the when I first wore jilbabs and niqab I only ever wore black ,now I'm not saying black isn't beautiful because it is ukhti. But my mum couldn't get her head around it and she always used to say you was such a colourful person before you started to cover up can't u just wear abit of colours .
So I started to look up colourful jilbab and honestly what I saw I was in love I thought wow I can wear colour and still be modest .
And that's where it all came from 
My non believing mum May Allah Guide her toward ISLAM
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