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2 piece jilbab modest gym wear

2 piece jilbab modest gym wear

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Our 2 piece jilbab perfect modest gym wear 


  • Made from Premium Nida fabric 
  • Tieback Headband 
  • Maxi Hood
  • Durable for Hiking, Sport. Gym.
  • Jilbab & Skirt Set

Our 2 piece jilbab perfect modest gym wear.

Made from Nida fabric which is a very durable lightweight and breathable which makes it great for activities like hiking sports and the gym. 

Nida fabric is fast drying which makes its perfect for any activities that get your heartrate going.

The cut of the jilbab top is extra wide to keep your modesty on point while doing to activities you love.

Comes with a tieback headband and a maxi hood too which can be tighten by the tie string on the neckline and double pockets

Basically the jilbab top is just like a normal jilbab with a maxi hood so their no neck exposure what so ever.

Come with a Skirt with double pockets.


Regular size - jilbab top length 128cm 

Skirt length 103cm 

Tall Size   - jilbab top length 136cm

Skirt length  111cm  




































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