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20" 1 Layer niqab

20" 1 Layer niqab

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Our  20" 1 Layer Niqab

  • Made from Preimum Chiffon fabric 
  • Lightweight and breathable.
  • 20" length face and chest coverage.
  • Tieback headband for individual comfort.

Our 1 layer niqab are lightweight and breathable which makes them a perfect for any niqab loving muslimah.

This is a everyday style of Niqab for many sisters, our premium chiffon is lightweight and breathable its practically feels like your wearing nothing on your face which makes it  perfect in the warmer . The opening for the eyes is no pinch which making it the perfect comfort around the eyes. The good length tieback headband gives individual comfort.

If your a beginner niqabi then this style is definitely for you .



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