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Double Diamond Layered Khinar

Double Diamond Layered Khinar

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Our Women's Double layered Diamond Khimar.

  • Lightweight & Breathable Chiffon Fabric
  • Gives great chest and back coverage.
  • Tieback headband with perfect length straps.
  • Non Transparent.
  • Designed for easy movement.
  • Niqab Ties.

This design of khimar is a Medium length with 2 layers in a diamond cut, made from chiffon fabric which is a lightweight , breathable and non transparent. This khimar is good for those sisters who are looking for good coverage.

Chiffon fabric is one of the best fabrics for khimars that are designed with multi layers as its very lightweight and breathable which makes it perfect when wear garments that start from the head as it doesn't cause any type of pulling dues to its lightweight , and if you wear the instant niqab too its so breathable you will not feel like its suffocating you as our chiffon is only the highest quality.

The design gives you total handsfree 


FRONT LENGTH (from chin)  -109cm

BACK LENGTH ( from headband) - 149cm

FACE HOLE  29.5cm

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