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Girls 1 piece jilbab Puffy Cuffed

Girls 1 piece jilbab Puffy Cuffed

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  • Puffy Cuffed Sleeves 
  • Tieback Headband.
  • Extra wide Butterfly style 
  • Wudu friendly.
  • Women's Coordinated Jilbab available 
This is our girls 1 Piece Jilbab with open cross deep pockets great for convenience and hands.
The sleeves are puffy cuffed with a small  press stud button for making wudu a lot easier. 
This modest design is such a piece of convenience for any  mini Muslimah its so easy to wear slip it on, tie it and let them go play out 
Our 1 Piece Full Length Jilbab is perfect for any occasions everyday and special occasions 
Are you wondering how to wear the jilbab?
Slip it on and make sure your daughters face is in the hole opening tie the two thick straps behind her head toward the lower neck either on the inside or outside of the jilbab depending on the style your going for.
This design comes with an optional niqab by tying the niqab strings around the back of the head for the perfect instant niqab,  this a bit of fun for the younger ones and for the teens its very much up to to them can leave them un-tied and your face will still fit perfectly without leaving your neck exposed.
FABRIC - Wool Peach - Medina Crepe

 checkout out our size chart  if unsure or contact us we are always here help 


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