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Girls Princess Diamond Khimar

Girls Princess Diamond Khimar

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Discover our girls 3 layer Princess Diamond Khimar
  • Maximum coverage 
  • Lightweight and Breathable 
  • Integrated niqab Ties 
  • Premium Chiffon Material

Our Girls Princess Diamond Khimar which consists of two layers at the front and three layers at the back perfect for coverage. When we talk about our mini Muslimah's feeling like modest princesses this is the Khimar to make that happen this style of Khimar is so elegant and girly the layers create a beautiful waterfall flow of fabric this is made  from only premium Chiffon we only use high quality in all our products.


If its your first time using a khimar and your unsure how to tied them or wear them don't worry we've been there but really its very simple once you know how. 

Slip your little ones head into the face hole making sure the thick headband runs across the forehead then take to two thick straps and there's two ways to tie them either over the top on the khimar and tie the straps behind the head or pull the straps inside of the khimar and then tie behind the head depending on what style your going for .




       Younger Girls         TEENS
Front Length   27 inches /68cm   31 inches / 79cm
Back Length   48 inches / 122cm 51 inches / 129cm 
Face Hole width   9 inches /23cm  10.5 inches / 26cm

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