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Hijabi Sportswear

Hijabi Sportswear

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 Our Hijabi Sportswear for any gym sports hiking walking climbing lover .

Love being active but thinking how to keep your modesty on point.

Our Sports jilbab will do this for you we've  designed this with Sports in mind we use high quality nida as this is a lightweight durable fabric . Fast drying too which is perfect for any sweaty situation. 

We've designed it with a Intergrated hijab with tieback headband to stop any neck exposure.

The hijab is spacious for free movement and attached a maxi hood for more privacy.

The cut is extra wide for free movement , the skirt has pockets either side for your devices,keys.

The sleeves are narrow elasticed to stop arm exposure .

This set is so comfortable lightweight and is non transparent.

Weather you hiting the gym or hiking we've got you covered literally. 

Go check out our "BISMA" Sports Lux Jilbab 





































































































































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