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Puffy-Cuffed Matte Abaya

Puffy-Cuffed Matte Abaya

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Introducing our Puffy Cuffed Sleeved Abaya a stunning gift set that any  Muslimah would love to receive. This gorgeous set is made from premium crepe matte fabric in a beautiful beige colour, making it both stylish and comfortable.


The abaya features puffy cuffed sleeves that add a unique touch to the traditional abaya design. The sleeves are both functional and fashionable, providing comfort and elegance to the wearer. The abaya is also designed with a loose-fitting silhouette, allowing for ease of movement and 


Overall, this gift set is perfect for Muslimahs who appreciate high-quality and stylish clothing. The beige colour is versatile and can be easily paired with different accessories, making it a great addition to any wardrobe. Give the gift of style and sophistication with this stunning abaya and khimar set.


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