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3 Long Layer Niqab Khimar with ruffles

3 Long Layer Niqab Khimar with ruffles

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 3 Long Layer Chiffon Niqab Khimar

  • Long 3 Layered Niqab-Khimar
  • Extra Long & Wide for perfect coverage .
  • 3 button fastening at the front.
  • Lightweight & Breathable.
  • Alterative to wearing a hijab.
  • Comfortable Eye opening 



This is our 3 Long Layer Chiffon Niqab Khimar the niqab layer covers the face and chest for that extra modesty and has tieback headband with nice length straps to my it comfortable for you when tying to your desired tightness.

The 2 back layers of this Niqab Khimar are extra wide so they can easier cover you body and secure with the 3 buttons to the front.

The 2nd layer is shorter for  extra chest coverage whilst the 3rd layer in much longer (comes to knee length or a bit over depending  on your height) ending in a 2inch ruffle for a unique touch.

This creates a khimar style which in turn creates modest coverage. No need to wear a hijab under this. 


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