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1 Layer Nose String Niqab Sequin

1 Layer Nose String Niqab Sequin

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1 Layer Sequin nose string Niqab 

  • Premium Chiffon 
  • Breathable and lightweight 
  • Non transparent 
  • 20" length
  • Great chest coverage 
  • Tieback headband 
  • Nose string


This style of niqab is perfect for ladies only occasion.

1 layer niqab with a sequin band running across the headband giving it a bit of elegant bling .

A classic nose string niqab with a tieback headband for individual comfort.

Our premium chiffon fabric is lightweight and Breathable honestly it feels like their nothing covering your face which is always a bonus .

Making our niqab perfect on the hotter days.

We have this style in three different colours 

Classic black , Emerald green and deep purple .


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