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Girls Nida Butterfly Abaya

Girls Nida Butterfly Abaya

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Our Girls Nida Butterfly Abaya

Butterfly extra wide cut.

Round neckline.

 Two deep pockets with zipper fastening.

Scrunchy elastic sleeves for easy wudu

 Wide cut easy for movement when playing


Discover Our  Girls Nida Butterfly Abaya with zip pockets this timeless Butterfly Abaya is extra wide cut which gives it a beautiful draping flow of fabric.

Elastic scrunchie Sleeves give this butterfly abaya a unique girly touch.

With this Butterfly Abaya having two deep zip pockets on either side of the Abaya makes it great for our girls to keep their  bits and pieces in.

We have this available in Women's too if you would like coordinated outfits 

Please be Aware this is just for the Abaya as we are sold out of the khimars 



















































































































































































































































































♥︎ Made from Premium Nida.
































































































































































































































































♥︎ Comes with double zipper pockets
































































































































































































































































♥︎ Save money when buying as a set.
































































































































































































































































♥︎ Women Coordinaated set available 
































































This set is everything a modest princess wants and needs in their wardrobe.
































































Beautiful colour with the Elasticated scrunched fabric thats sleeves for easier wudu double zipper pockets for putting their bits and bobs in without losing them .
































































Nida is a great durable luxurious 

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