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AMINA"Xl womens 2 layer khimar

AMINA"Xl womens 2 layer khimar

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Our 4 layer chiffon khimar consists of two layer front and a two layer back .

  • Extra long 
  • Perfect chest and back coverage .
  • Lightweight and breathable .
  • Integrated Niqabs Ties.
  • Available in two different colours
  • Girls Coordinated Khimars Available too

Looking for an easy alternative to quickly slip on and be fully covered when your dashing out we've all been there, this is perfect for anyone looking to maximise their coverage.Comes with niqab ties for those looking want niqab, just tie the string on the upper part of your head and adjust the khimar on your face and there you go an instant niqab sisters.. Perfectly match this with one of our Abayas go check them our we have a range of different fabrics and styles.



front from chin to end 39inch / 100cm 

Back from headband to end  57inch / 145cm


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